Is there ANYONE in NoVa (northern VA) who could come get Emma and I and give us a place to stay tonight if I call the cops? I can pay. I live in Stafford.

Brittany is trying to get out of her house to protect herself and her daughter from her mother while simultaneously trying to get her mother some help. This is an emergency situation—if you live in the Stafford/Fredericksburg area or basically anywhere between Washington and Chartlottesville and can offer a place, please drop her a note.


This is FOR REAL, Brittany has been in a bad situation for quite a while and it’s only been worsening. There is now an immediate threat of real danger and she needs to get OUT.

Brittany is one of my best friends. Please help her out.

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11 Nov 12 at 1 pm


Dean and Castiel- Can’t Help Falling in Love (Fleet Foxes Cover)

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Misha in CSI: NY

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Misha Collins in Nip/Tuck

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My brother created a Twitter for the sole pupose of tweeting celebrities about the mundane things he is doing, namely the Supernaural cast.

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